ARMATIX iP1 << limited edition set >>

  • ARMATIX iP1 Pistol
  • ARMATIX iW1 active RFID watch
  • Blocking device & digital key
  • Produkt

ARMATIX iP1 Pistol

  • .22 LR calibre, 10 round magazine
  • steel grey
  • electronic magazine disconnect
  • different operating modes
  • an operating distance of up to 15 inches
  • integrated grip and drop safety
  • color-coded operating mode, patented mechatronic interface for additional applications (e.g. camera)
  • tested and approved by ATF

ARMATIX iW1 active RFID watch

  • PIN code entry and PIN code management for:
  • weapon enablement
  • charge level indicator for watch and weapon
  • time-controlled weapon deactivation
  • extensive watch functions, waterproof
  • interchangeable straps, power supply for 5,000 rounds or a minimum of one year standby, depending on operation

Blocking device & digital key

  • The locking element is supposed to be inserted into the barrel of any 9mm pistol in order to guarantee that only the authorized owner can use it.
  • The digital key is the key to the locking element.
  • Authentication is via PIN code.